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My latest check up was on Saturday.

The new doctor who I thought is so nice took a very bad turn on me. After the ultrasound he asked about my weight. I told him that I am very sensitive to my weight and before I got pregnant again my goal was to lose an amount of weight.

This didn’t stop him , no he continued and got really mean about me eating only unhealthy food. The top was when he said that I might be very sick. The baby is fine and the placenta too but there is a chance I might have pre-eclampsia.If this is the case I have to go to the University Hospital.So I have to come back on monday to take my blood pressure and the we see .

Now I had enough! Mr. panic was about to find out why he shouldn`t upset the foreign girl. It is sad but a lot of japanese doctors are going down that road and telling you to diet while pregnant. And I mean diet like losing weight.

I told him that just because I’m a foreign woman doesn`t mean that I eat McDonalds 24/7 and that if he continues to me that rude I shall switch the hospital on my own. I got up and out of the doctor room before I said something I might regret because I was so angry.

On monday I was nervous. What if he was right?
The nurse took my BP and said everything is fine don’t worry.
My old doctor said the same thing and then that he doesn`t understand all the stress. My BP was fine on saturday too. I should take it easy .

SOS midwife where are you :(

If that continues I switch the hospital. I have enough on my hands I don`t need a young doctor stressing me out.

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They let me out for now!

It was this Monday when I felt overwhelmed by everything going on . My husband called and asked if I could go to the ATM for him which stressed me out completely. When I managed to get the daily chores done from feeding children , pets, cleaning , laundry , garden …. I was quite tired but I drove in the city to go to the ATM.

When I came home I made lunch and my hub called and I don`t really remember what he said but I began to sweat and he apologized that he didn’t want to pressure me. He told me to switch the A/C on and take a rest which I did. When I woke up my feet were swollen twice their size and my heart was racing. I tried to relax but instead I panicked . So I called my hub who I scared badly with this and then called the maternity hospital. The woman at the front desk was at fist very amused about me but I got cranky and she told me to wait. Looks like the someone she spoke one got alarmed by what I said and she told me I should come as fast as possible.

I got my 4 children in the car and drove off. I was confused and scared so I forgot to pack a bag.

The midwife came and checked my weight and I gained over 2 kilos in 1 week. They did a heart check, ultrasound and some other tests.

The baby is very fine but I am in a rough shape. They kept me over night and told us I could leave the next day after everything is ruled out.
I was fine the next morning but the doctor told me I need to stay for my sake. My question was then what about my children? My oldest is in school and can`t skip for long. I don`t really have so much help around so there were no way I stay long.

The doctor agreed to let me out if I promise to stay in bed and rest. “No running around!” are the doctors orders.
SO they let me out yesterday morning even after I throw up all through the room because of morning sickness. What I didn’t know that was just the start because apparently I had a bad migraine. I managed to go home and regretted to go home badly. With 4 tired and loud children that wasn’t fun. I managed to get through the rest of the day somehow and the migraine continued all night long and nothing seems to help so far.
This morning I had to pay bills and go shopping but I felt like I was crawling all the way.
After a super nap (thanks to my very sweet little once) I feel much better. Let`s hope the next 4 month are flying by very quick.

I am not used to be this weak. Usually I am the one who takes care of others and jumps in if there is a hand needed. That is very frustrating for me.

So baby at least you could do me a favor and show your gender next time !

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Midwife where are you?

The last 5 weeks just flew by with a lot of change in our life, like me being a home stay mom again and my big boy getting used to being a full flesh school boy.

I`m 20 weeks pregnant now and my nesting instinct kicked in.
So I was fabric shopping for some great pattern I found online. Well I gave almost all of my baby stuff away since I thought we were done with having tiny babys.
(I will post about that later )

I also had a big check this week and everything looks good and I could see my babys Face in 3D which was so amazing. It is getting real which makes me more concert how to handle the birth. I just had no luck so far by finding a midwife at all. I have it in my blood that this baby with be even faster than the others. I don`t want to give birth alone or in the car on the highway.
I knew with Hanna (no.4) that this will be speedy and I made it just in time to give birth in the hospital. One more red traffic or anything and she would be born in our car.
But it looks like that it is really hard to find one in yamaguchi.


This is my babys face , it looks a little like terminator.

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15 weeks

I had a baby appointment last Tuesday and I have to say it is getting real. Not that I can feel the baby since a few days but I had a big ultrasound where I could see my child dancing in my belly.

The doctor said everything is fine so far. Baby boy/girl is very healthy and quiet big. Just my blood test worried him since my rubella test was a little high and I lost almost 2 kg in 4 weeks. He told me to watch out because the weather is getting very hot from now on and my “morning sickness” wouldn`t help that. Well I don`t mind to lose a little weight before I gain since I am not the skinniest one.

I have to say that I finally start to get my head around that there will be another baby quite soon and so the planing for the birth begins. All of my children were very fast and if I am not all wrong this one will be even faster. So what to do? Home birth is very rare in Japan but I just can`t imagen myself giving birth in a hospital again where I have to lie flat on my back and my legs strapped to the chair. Also almost all of the nice nurses are gone so I`m thinking of going another way like a midwife house. My husband isn`t so happy about that but next time I will drive to Ube I will make myself an appointment to take a look at one I found in the internet.

I told my husband that I have to deal with the pain so I am the one who choose. On the other hand we can be very , very happy if I make it in time. Hanna was already very quick and this time. Maybe all this trouble is just for nothing and I just give birth at home.

Also no 7 days stay in the hospital for me please. Why should I? It isn`t the first one so I know how to take care of a baby , I don`t need someone asking me every single second if the baby pooped or telling me that I should show my breasts. (No kidding. A true story)

I think a birth should be as comfortable as possible to coop with the pain. You have to work with your body because it knows best , trust me. And if your body tells you sit down and you are flat on your back it can be very uncomfortable.

But enough of that , her is a baby picture .


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Let me introduce you to the newest addition to our family.

Four little sweethearts who need a new home in about 3 month from now but till then we will have fun to take care of them.

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Thomas shorts

“Oh, Okaasan can you only sew cute dresses and handbags,” said my son Kiyo (5) .
Me:”What? Of course I can sew more than that, I will show you.”
Kiyo answered: ” We will see.” And left the room.

I was really surprised about that. apparently he was quite sad about me always making something for his sister which is not true I just sew him a bag for his pocket-money.
My first thought was that I will show him what I can do and then remembered that we got some leftover Thomas the tank fabric from his grandma a few weeks ago. perfect!

I made my own pattern with a short I already had and cut the fabric immediately. Kiyo still didn`t belive me that I am gonna sew some boys cloth for him till yesterday when I got the sewing machine out and sewed everything together. It took me about an hour to finish and I think he is happy but see for your self.

Btw it is Kids cloth week. What a perfect timing ;) .



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